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1998 NEWS

December, 3, 1998
It is being rumored that Thomas James O'Leary last day as the Phantom on Broadway will be on January 31, 1999. It is said that he will be taking a 10 months vacation break. I definitely hate to see him leave the show. He portrayed the Phantom so beautifully each and every time. More info will be posted!

November 7,1998
Sandra is currently involved with a new show called, "The Haunted Hotel." The show is currently in rehearsals and will have a two weeks, eight performances tryout run in Cazenovia, NY, the last week of October and first week of November. Sandra will therefore be on a leave of absence from Phantom at that time.

October 8,1998
Ciarán Sheehan is now playing the role Raoul on Broadway. Gary Mauer recently left the show to do the musical "Showboat." I wish him the very best in the coming future.

September 29,1998
It has been confirmed- Adrienne McEwan will be returning to Broadway as the alternative Christine. Kimilee Bryant last performance on Broadway as Christine Daee will be on October 21, 1998. We all wish her the best of luck!

September 14,1998
Gary Mauer and Sandra Joseph both peformed at the Broadway on Broadway event which was held at Times Square around noon on September 13, 1998. They sang the duet " All I Ask of You." The crowd went wild when both of them embraced and kissed each other after the first part of the song.

August 28,1998
This site won the Erik's Award (Homepage of Excellence) :) Congratualation!

August 27,1998
Leigh Munro is now playing the role Carlotta Giudicelli - taking over the role from Kelly Ellenwood.

August 26,1998
Leila Martin who originated the role of Madame Giry in the New York production of Phantom have left the show and is currently portraying the role in the Second National Tour. Sally Williams took over the role of Madame Giry in the New York Broadway Production of Phantom.

August 23,1998
Playbill Online has reported that Antonio Banderas will be playing the Phantom in the upcoming movie The Phantom of the Opera. For more infomation please check the website

July 11,1998
Thomas James O' Leary, Kimilee Bryant, and Gary Mauer will be appearing on the Today Show on Channel 4 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Thomas James O' Leary will be singing the song "Music of the Night" -Kimilee Bryant and Gary Mauer will be singing the duet "All I Ask of You."

May 17, 1998
On May 13, 1998, I had the opportunity to watch the Phantom of the Opera for the third time. Sandra Joseph play the part of Christine and Thomas James O'Leary was the Phantom. It was the first time that I was seeing Sandra performed in the role of Christine. She was fabulous!!! Her voice lifted my heart and my spirit. She is an excellent Christine Daee.

April 12, 1998
Adrienne McEwan (alternative for Christine ) left the show and Ms. Kimilee Bryant took over for her . Kimilee performs on Monday and Thursday evenings.

March 16, 1998
Join the Erik's (Phantom of the Opera) Lair Webring!!

February 13, 1998
Sandra Joseph and Gary Mauer both appeared on the daytime talk show The View and sang the song "All I Ask of You."

February 6, 1998
Ted Keegan and Sandra Joseph will sing the title song of The Phantom of the Opera during the half time show on Sunday (February 8, 1998) on the NBA All-Star Game. The game will be broadcast on NBC - check time and local listing.

January 29, 1998
Sandra Joseph made her debut today as Christine on Broadway (New York). She had orginally played the part of Christine in the Raoul National Tour in LA. Sandra took over the role when Tracy Shane left on January 26, 1998.

January 26, 1998
The Phantom of the Opera in New York City celebrated its 10th Anniversary today. Andrew Lloyd and Harold Prince were unable to attend the show due to personal reasons but Cameron Mackintosh did attend the show. It was also Tracy Shane last performance on Broadway as Christine.