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August 14, 1999
Ted Keegan is currently the man behind the mask at the Majestic Theater portraying the role of The Phantom of the Opera.

July 28, 1999
Hugh Panero, the current Phantom in the Broadway production of The Phantom of the Opera will leave the role as the Phantom on August 21, 1999. Howard McGillin Dons will replace Hugh as the Phantom Mask on Broadway Aug. 23.

July 3, 1999
The cast of the Brodway production, "The Phantom of the Opera," will be performing Live on August 7, 1999 on NBC Broadway Today. Don't forget to set your VCR!

June 6, 1999
Rumor! Gary Mauer (former Raoul) will be returning to Broadway and Sandra Joseph (the current Christine on Broadway) will probably be leaving at the end of June or July. Keep your eyes open!

February 17, 1999
The latest cast pictures are up. Check out the Pictures link.

January 31, 1999
January 26, 1999 mark The Phantom of the Opera musical 11th anniversary. The cast and crew celebrated at John's Pizzeria for this joyous occassion.

January 10, 1999
Hugh Panaro will begin his role as the Phantom on February 1, 1999. Thomas James O'Leary is offically leaving - January 30, 1999 is his last performance as The Phantom of the Opera.

January 4, 1999
In Theater Magazine is reporting that Hugh Panaro will take over the role of the Phantom when Thomas James O' Leary leave at the end of this month. For more details of the story, check out In Theater Magazine website at